Revive - Bath Soak

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Revive Bath Soak has been created to help you revive your tired muscles and mind. It will work on both the spiritual and physical body, releasing headache tension, intestinal discomfort and arthritis pain. It will help to boost your immune system and will work as a natural aphrodisiac. With pure essential oils and Argan oil, you will feel rejuvenated and revived.

Lapiz Lazuli will revive your mind, activating the higher mind to enhance intellectual ability. It will stimulate your desire for knowledge, truth and understanding.

Add 1-2 tablespoons into a hot bath, add you Lapiz Lazuli crystal and soak in the beauty of an organic, reviving bath. Ingredients: Himalayan Pink Salt, Argan Oil, Coriander Seed Essential Oil, Rose Geranium Essential Oil, Centaurea Cyanus Petals.


Revive - Bath Soak