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Myles Gray

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    Myles Gray is a family-owned, Melbourne based business of ethically sourced soy candles, diffusers, essential oils & more. Infused with customised & cleansed crystals, every product is designed to improve your mental health & healing. From positivity to prosperity, love to light, there’s a fragrance for everyone & every occasion…

    Candles & Diffusers

    There’s no better way to focus on your desires & manifestations than with Myles Gray candles & diffusers. You can focus on areas of your life you want to improve (such as friendships, fertility, balance, bad energy & heartbreak) as well as things you want more of (compassion, confidence, pride, luck & love & light).

    Room Sprays & Cleansing Kits

    Room sprays are a great way to refresh a space or inspire a new scent & meaning to work its magic. The range includes essential oil blends for sleep & meditation, motivation & confidence, calm & clarity, cleansing & protection, compassion & healing, unity & stability. For a full home clean, the cleansing kit contains sage, selenite & palo santo.

    Bath Soaks & Essential Oils

    Nothing says relaxation like running a hot bath. The ultimate blend of indulgence & intention, Myles Gray’s luxury bath soaks are embedded with crystals to encourage you to rest, revive & restore – all whilst replenishing your skin with natural oils. Add 1-2 tbsp. to your bath to enjoy the benefits.