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Home Office Candles

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101 products

101 products

Whether you work from home regularly or on a casual basis, your office needs to be the perfect place to think and create. Your home office design needs to have efficiency and ease, and focus and flexibility in mind, from creating calm with a scented home office candle, to encouraging energy with a diffuser that smells of success all day long…

Fight Fatigue & Stress

Keeping motivated can be a challenge, however, there are ingredients known for their confidence restoring properties, and they come in a home office candle form. There’s Lemongrass, to ease anxiety and reduce the severity of depressive episodes, and Jasmine to relieve stress and tension. The Commonfolk Collective’s Soul Candles (Go Your Own Way & Breathe) are embedded with Ginger Foot, which is the key to combat fatigue, or you can keep alert the modern way with the smell of Solitaire Rich Coffee. And to keep exhaustion in the home office well and truly at bay, light an Uplifting Essential Oils candle.

Improve Productivity

Now that you’ve eased your worries, it’s time to get busy. If a Boss home office candle isn’t enough to get you in the mood or improve your home office design, we’ve got more. Set the tone of the day with Richesse - The Candle of Prosperity to increase your concentration levels and inspire an optimistic thought process, or Vous Pouvez – You Can to offer you energy, confidence, creativity & vitality. French Lavender & Rosemary can have a positive effect on memory, an Exotic Woodscandle blend of blend of fir needle, pine and cedar will help elevate your mood, and the scent of Cinnamon will increase your motor response.