Ecoya Laundry liquid, dryer and linen spray collection



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    9 products

    9 products

    Ecoya’s luxurious Laundry Collection will keep your bedding, towels and clothes sweet smelling and soft. With long lasting fine fragrances, they’ll elevate the everyday laundry regime to new, heavenly heights, and capture that freshly laundered feeling every time you do a wash. Turn doing the laundry from a chore into a choice. 

    Laundry Liquids & Linen Sprays

    The delicately fragranced Lavender & Chamomile Linen Spray is designed to be used on your freshly laundered linen, or to refresh between washes. You can spray a fine mist on your clothes before ironing, or do spritz it over your bed, fabrics and towels. Our Wild Sage & Citrus Linen Spray also comes as a Laundry Liquid. This 1L liquid is designed to gently wash and clean your clothes and linens whilst offering a beautifully subtle scent to your laundry.

    Laundry Dryers & Fragrance Droppers

    Made from 100% New Zealand wool, Ecoya’s Laundry Dryer Balls will bounce about your dryer and prevent bunching, create airflow and absorb moisture. They come with a 50mL Fragrance Dropper and can be used up to 1,000 times. Our Wild Sage & Citrus Laundry Dryer Ball Set & Fragrance Dropper is a subtle yet lush scent, for a fresh and uplifting fragrance, whilst our Lavender & Chamomile Laundry Dryer Ball Set & Fragrance Dropper combination is aromatic, warm and sophisticated.