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    Established in 2013 in Torquay, Victoria, it’s no wonder Surf Coast Candles’ range is inspired by the rich and rugged Great Ocean Road. Hand-pouring natural soy fragrances into eco-friendly travel tins and etched wood lid containers, their cool candles are great for locals and tourists alike, and perfectly capture the essence and aromas of the outdoors. 

    Travel Tins For Aromas On The Road

    Surf Coast Candle’s handy woodwick travel tins allow you to take your favourite fragrance with you wherever you go. The top three beach candle scents include White Ocean Sands, Citrus Sunrise and Namaste. Each tin is sky blue in colour and decorated in Aussie flora. They are 80mm wide x 50mm high and will provide up to 43 hrs of burn time.

    Ocean Inspired & Designed Glass Jars

    If you’d like more traditional, cool candles, Surf Coast Candles’ glass jar and carved timber lid Seaflora varieties are perfect. With a burn time of up to 60 hrs, they are sure to keep your home smelling vibrant and fresh for days on end. Stunning to look at with white waves drawn onto both the containers and their lids, they are ornaments as well as candles. Our best sellers include Sweet Lemongrass, Serenity, French Pear, Tigerlily Blossom, Coconut Lime Punch & Vintage Vanilla. For something even more striking, the Otway’s Mist candle has a golden exterior with a black forest silhouette.