Salt & Selenite

Salt & Selenite


    Chances are you’ve seen a lot of salt lamps and selenite crystals around on the internet. Whether you’re into their supposed spiritual benefits, or just like them for the way they look, there isn’t a room in the house that wouldn’t look better with one in it. Shop our full range of lamps, candle holders, accessories and more today!

    Salt Lamps & Tealight Holders

    Himalayan salt lamps have long been loved for their physical appearance. A rustic dome with a peachy pink tint, they make a great decor item for the home – especially ones like ours that light up! Not only aesthetically pleasing, they are also said to come with many health benefits. The pink salt itself releases negative ions to help purify and improve air quality. Many believe that the ions can increase your energy levels, enhance your concentration, improve your sleep and mood, minimise your stress levels and even reduce allergy and asthma symptoms. Our varieties include battery powered salt lamps and USB plug in salt lamps, and we also sell the globes to go with them.

    Selenite Spheres, Towers & Tealight Holders

    Much like salt lamps, selenite crystals have become very popular in recent years. They look very similar to a quartz crystal, in that they have a clear or cloudy white colour and are often tubular or rhombus shaped. Again, like the humble salt lamp, there’s more to them than meets the eye. According to spiritualists and crystal healers, selenite is great for promoting peace, calm and clarity, clearing negative energy, encouraging connection and camaraderie and helping you access your intuition. Our selenite crystals come in many different shapes and sizes, including rounded and heart–shaped, as bowls, as tower stacks and spiral towers and also as small – medium sized tealight holders.