Ecoya car diffuser clipped on to the car air vent

Car Diffusers


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    57 products

    57 products

    There’s nothing better than that new car smell. However, as it is mainly made up of chemicals, there’s a healthier and sweeter way to keep your car smelling fresh and fragrant: car diffusers. Explore our full range of essential oil car diffusers from Ecoya and Sheike Industries today…

    Ecoya Car Air Fresheners

    An Ecoya car air freshener is a small and sophisticated diffuser, designed to sit inconspicuously on your car vent. It comes with two fragrance pods, and each pod is made to disperse a subtle scent around the space for up to 3 months. Some of our most popular perfumes are creamy Coconut & Elderflower, fruity Guava & Lychee Sorbet, fresh French Pear and the classic, new car-esque aroma of Cedarwood & Leather.

    Sheike Industries Mini Car Diffusers

    An 8mL mini diamond car diffuser by Sheike Industries will not only add a touch of bling to your ride (courtesy of an A grade Cubic Zirconia), but an exotic aroma to your car as well. The most unique and striking scents include indulgent and tart Blackberry & Lotus, a brisk Sapphire Sea Breeze, sugary sweet Cotton Candy and zesty Lemongrass.