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    Designed in New Zealand and handcrafted in Australia, Ecoya is a fragrance house of the lush and luxurious. From soy wax candles and reed diffusers, to a range of botanical body care products, laundry liquids and more, every aroma is long-lasting and will lift the mood of any room it’s used in…

    Candles & Diffusers

    Made from natural soy wax and 100% cotton wicks, Ecoya candles are a mix of rich aromas and a respect for nature, with scent types that include fresh, fruity, floral and woody. The minimalist Madison candle comes in an elegant and logo embossed glass jar with a silver lid, and a burn time of up to 80 hours. The Mini Madison is a petite replica with a 25 hour burn time, and the Maisy Jar candle is a little shorter and rounder, and its fragrances can burn for up to 36 hours. Ecoya diffusers come in two varieties: reed and car. A standard, seven reed diffuser fills small to medium sized spaces, and comes in a beautiful box for gifting. The car diffuser is a small and sophisticated pod designed to sit on your car vent. 

    Rooms Sprays & Laundry Products

    Coming in a clear, frosted glass bottle and available in three iconic scents (Guava & Lychee Sorbet, French Pear and Lotus Flower), an Ecoya room spray will instantly refresh your home. Spray two to three pumps in the air (or more, if you wish) for an instant fragrance. Spritz at a distance of approximately 30cm from furnishings and surfaces, and allow the particles to settle and dry before resuming use. Ecoya’s laundry range will keep all your clothes and manchester items feeling soft and smelling fresh and sweet. Items include linen sprays, fragrance droppers, laundry liquids and laundry dryer ball sets. The two main fragrance combinations are Lavender & Chamomile and Wild Sage & Citrus.

    Hand Washes & Body Lotions

    Ecoya’s love affair with nature inspired botanicals and ingredients also extends to their body product range. With rinse-free hand washes, creams and sanitiser gels and sprays (with 70% alcohol), and body washes, lotions, oils and soap bars, you’ll be clean from head to toe in no time. The collection covers some of Ecoya’s most popular and pleasantly pungent fragrances, such as Sweet Pea & Jasmine, Coconut & Elderflower, Juniper Berry & Mint, and Orange & Saffron. They also include nourishing and cleansing bases of Macadamia, Coconut, Almond Oil and Vitamin E.