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Bath, Body & Home

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    Here at Nerridah & Ross, we don’t just want you to smell great fragrances, we want you to smell of great fragrances too. Our luxury bath and body products include lotions, creams, washes, soaks, soaps & sanitisers. Made with all natural ingredients & botanicals, they are perfect for a premium-grade pampering session. Australian fragrance brands featured in the range are Ecoya, Myles Gray, Scarlet & Grace, The Soap Bar, Glasshouse Fragrances and The Commonfolk Collective…

    Body Lotions, Washes & Soap Bars

    If you want to recreate a luxurious & relaxing spa experience in your own home, it’s time to upgrade your bath or shower routine with some soothing body washes. From restorative, beaded bath soaks to creamy goat’s milk washes & paraben free pumps, you can lie back and lather up in sweet smelling body products every night of the week if you wish. After you dry off, look no further than our range of body lotions to keep your skin supple & smooth. Vegan friendly and vitamin enriched, our products are fruit & flower based for optimal skin health, hydration and vitality (and both the fragrances and feelings of freshness are long-lasting). Shop our colourful soap bar collection too to stay clean and hygienic all day long. Classic bath and body bars are triple milled, 100% palm oil free and not tested on animals. They blend shea butter, coconut oil & vitamin E for a gentle but thorough wash. The Soap Bars’ blocks look like swirls of soft marble, packed full of natural & fragrant ingredients you can actually see!

    Hand Creams, Washes & Sanitisers

    Not just limited to bath and body products, we stock a wide range of hand care items as well. Our hand creams are moisturising & nourishing and form a silky (not greasy) barrier against the daily grind and environmental elements. After washing and drying your hands, massage some cream generously into the back and front of your hands & fingers. We’ve got plenty of hand washes too. Soap up with the smell of fresh flowers, fruits, herbs & spices, and take advantage of Ecoya’s rinse free range for on-the-go sterilisation sans water. They are slimline, pocket-sized & secure, making them perfect, no-leak accessories for your handbag, as well as being easy to store in the car or office. But if after something a little stronger, our hand sanitisers will definitely do the trick. Sizes include pump bottles for easy access or refills & spray bottles for out-and-about top ups.