About Us


I love candles, I think I always have. I love that I can choose a candle to burn that suits my mood, I love that burning a candle can help change my mood or bring me calm. I love trying new fragrances and new collections and enjoying the ambiance they create. When my husband and I decided we would like to work together on developing a business, candles were a natural fit. I thought about all the candles I like; some have been around for a long time, you’ll definitely know their name, others are a little different, perhaps they are newer to the scene or are just not quite so well known. Bringing them all together and sharing them with others has become our dream.


Our name represents our family, Nerridah (Nere e da) was my grandmother’s name and is the middle name my daughter and I share. Depending on where you look it means Water Lily, Blossom or Sea Nymph. Ross is my husband’s, and his father’s middle name, it’s meaning is promontory or steed. Combining the two made sense, together they represent our business; the strength of land and horses, the beauty and grace of a water lily, the mythical qualities of a sea nymph.

A site where you might find something you have always relied upon but also something new and exciting. As we grow we look forward to providing other products too, we’d love to hear your ideas. Please remember to keep coming back to see what we have found! We will work hard to bring you new offerings, we will find the special candles you are looking for, whether they are for you or for a gift. We want to provide you with the personal style of service you have perhaps traditionally experienced in store, from the comfort of your own home.

We can’t wait to meet you!