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    If you’re after a fragrance that will support your physical & mental health, look no further than a diffuser. Emitting essential oils into the air, they provide a long-lasting, slow burning scent with an array of benefits. Not only will a diffuser smell divine and relax the body & mind, it can also improve your mood…

    Types and Brands

    We sell x3 main types of diffusers: reed, car & scent stem. Reed sticks go in a glass bottle of oils, soaking them up and dispersing them around the room – with no flame or heat. A car diffuser is a small plastic pod that sits on your air vent, or a small hanging glass bottle, and will release scent for up to 3 months. Glasshouse Fragrances have scent stems, which are placed into metal vessels. Other brands include Ecoya, Elume, Glasshouse Fragrances, Myles Gray, Scarlet & Grace & Sheike Industries.

    Rooms and Fragrances

    Different rooms require different aromas, and a diffuser is a subtle way of distinguishing & defining a space. Put a floral scent in the bedroom, and a fruity fragrance in the bathroom. Something sweet will give the living room an indulgent air, or add an after-dinner ambience to the dining room with a spicy oriental odour. And in the office, a fresh scent will help clear your mind for maximum concentration.