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    Bedroom to the Bathroom

    When it comes to the place you wake up in in the morning and go to bed in at night, something soft and subtle is just what you want in the bedroom. Pick soothing floral scents to send you off to sleep, or more zesty, fruity fragrances for relaxing and romance. At the other end of the house in the bathroom, you just want an odour fighting fragrance to freshen things up. Diffusers are a great choice due to their slow-release, or opt for a seaside scent for cleanliness and crispness.

    Kitchen, Living and Dining

    These areas are already abundant with food preparation smells, so it’s important to choose candles that aren’t overbearing. The kind of home fragrances that best suit the kitchen include citrus, herbs, and tropical bouquets that will cut through or compliment what’s already in the air. The living room is where you go to vegetate and unwind, so you want to create a comfortable atmosphere. Subtle sweetness and foodie fragrances of vanilla, caramel, spice and wood are perfect, and the dining room will reap the rewards as well.