Spacious dining room and wooden dining table with candles in the centre

Dining Room

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141 products

The dining room is where everyone comes together. A place for good food and good conversation with family, friends and neighbours (and even pets, under the dining room table). But to cleanse your palette and your mind between and after meals, you need to add dining table candles or diffusers to your get-togethers.  

The Smell of Home

The Commonfolk Collective’s Dictionary Meaning candle ‘Family’ brings warm and natural vibes to your tribe, whilst Myles Gray’s Lumiere - Candle of Light encourages happiness and healthy debating around the dinner table with top notes of pineapple and lemon zest. If everyone’s busy catching up, you’ve got time to really refresh and reset the room with a replaceable reed diffuser, such as Mahogany & Ylang or Sweet Berry & Wild Mint. And if you’re after a conversation starter, Only Orb’s glass and teak spheres make for great ornaments and dining table candle centrepieces, or make your love of family known with a heart-shaped candle from Elume. 

Flavours & Fragrances from Around the World

Regardless of the evening meal, you can savour the flavours of the world every night with a range of exotic aromas and dining table candles. Immerse yourself in culture with a Grand Celebration candle from Ecoya. Coming from the oriental fragrance family, it has top notes of tropical citrus and leafy greens on a creamy base of sandalwood, pacific vanilla, balsams and musk. Go somewhere familiar with Oriental Musk, or somewhere new with Lotus Flower,Spanish Rose or an Indian Sandalwood pillar. Invigorate your senses with cinnamon spice and vanilla nutmeg,or relax and settle in for the night with green tea & thyme.

After Dinner Desserts & Drinks

Nothing beats a sweet treat after tea, and thanks to Scarlet & Grace, Elume and Ecoya, you can indulge without the headaches or calories. Enjoy the sweetened scents of fruit, with Black Raspberry & Vanilla and Guava & Lychee Sorbet, and rich after-dinner dessert like Coconut & Vanilla Bean and Crème Caramel, or say cheers with Champagne and Strawberries or Wines of Gippsland.