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    When it comes to bathroom accessories, you often think of the essentials: soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, make-up, haircare, the works. But when you think of the atmosphere you want to create, that’s when choosing bathroom candles comes in. Whether it’s a place to unwind and wallow in the bath water, or a pitstop to get clean and get out, the bathroom is a great place to put good quality candles in.

    Shower and Bath

    When you visit a day spa, your experience can come down to two things: smell and lighting. When it comes to recreating this luxury bathroom feeling at home, just dim the lights and fill with warm, fresh fragrances and the cosy flicker of candlelight. Oriental Musk or Coconut Vanilla Bean tealights look beautiful dotted around the edges of the bath. Elume’s Sweet Patchouli and Thai Lemongrass soy bathroom candles contain natural, essential oil aromas to get you in a meditative mood, and Wyck’s Votive Persian Lime & Lemongrass candles have a similar effect, complete with a hand-folded origami box – something to add to your list of must-have bathroom accessories!

    Toilet and Sink

    It is no real surprise that in your toilet area, you’re best to choose freshening fragrances like citrus and seaside scents to create a sense of cleanliness. Elume’s Nectarine Blossom and fresh Kiwi Waterlily mini soy candles balance sweet with smooth, and Wyck’s Lemon Myrtle, Lilly Pilly & River Mint variety is a great replacement for artificial smelling toilet sprays, with its energetic combination of zingy lemon, raspberry, orange peel, mint, and peony. Myles Gray’s Esprit Clair is a gorgeous clean scent of freshly washed linen with the sun's rays beaming down. And diffusers are also great for something more subtle and slow-release, giving the appearance of a crisp breeze blowing through and add to the overall bathroom decor.