Ecoya candles, a magazine and glasses on a coffee table in the living room

Living Room Candles

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120 products

The living room is where you come to relax and wind down, so you want the scents in this space to create a comfortable, soothing and homely atmosphere. Whether you’re there to watch TV, read a book or engage with family and friends, living room candles & diffusers are a great way to set the mood.

Small Lounge Room Scents

If you have a fairly small lounge room, opting for a living room candle with a gentle fruit or floral fragrance is a good way to lighten and brighten the air and open up the space. For example, Elume’s Mango & Passionfruit candles and diffusers are a cocktail of tropical fruits, or go a little richer and juicier with their Guava Plumvarieties. Wyck’s Rose & Sandalwood pillar candles are a nice way to centre the space with soft, earthy scents, or go full on and bring the outside in with Scarlet & Grace’s Exotic Woods and Woodlands set.

Large Living Room Aromas

If you prefer stronger, sweeter smelling living room candles, going for foodie fragrances such as caramel, vanilla and other dessert-based bouquets is a clever way to bring intimacy and ambience to a large area. Sheike Industries’ Crystal Cotton Candy and Elixir Vanilla Caramel candles give the space a nostalgic sweet treat smell, perfect for nights in indulging on the couch. Ecoya’s delicious Maple Syrup scent is super luxurious, and Florin and Grace’s All By Myself candle (with a top note of Moscato Sangria) means after dinner drinks don’t just have to be saved for after dinner anymore.