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All 6 of the beautiful crystal infused essential oil sprays by Myles Gray. The Essential Oil sprays have been designed to increase the vibrations in your home, to bring purpose to your home fragrance and to be a natural alternative to room spray. Each product has been created with a specific crystal/essential oil combination. All safe to use within your home - consult a doctor if you are pregnant. Safe to spray on furniture. 

The full set includes:

1 x Cleansing and Protection Spray - This oil will cleanse and protect your energy and space. It will increase the energy around you and block any negativity from entering your energy field. Use this spray with or instead of a physical cleanse with sage or Palo Santo. You will feel protected and safe. CRYSTAL: Black Tourmaline protects your energy and repels negative thoughts and ill wishes, working in harmony with the oils to protect you. FRAGRANCE: Citrus, with a hint of sweet Palo Santo. This blend is most similar to the Myles Gray candle Mauvaise -not identical - it has citrus notes and a focus on lemon.

1 x Confidence and Motivation Spray - This oil will help you see your purpose. It will give you the energy you need to see yourself as the powerful, incredible person you were born to be. A few sprays before a meeting, or just because, is all you need to feel more powerful, confident and motivated. CRYSTAL: The Carnelian crystal will help to increase your confidence, help you see your worth and ignite a fire within your soul for achievement.  FRAGRANCE: Sweet yet fresh and fruity - Geranium Essential Oil is full of vibrance. Most similar to the Myles Gray Vous Pouvez candle fragrance, not identical but very similar fragrance families. 

1 x Love Compassion and Healing Spray - This oil will help you heal, find love and compassion. It will balance your energy to vibrate at a soft calming frequency to allow your body and mind to heal. Spray in your bedroom, on your linen and even yourself if you feel emotionally unbalanced. CRYSTAL: Rose Quartz will vibrate at a steady frequency to increase positive emotions and create a feeling of love and acceptance. It will make you feel worthy and safe. FRAGRANCE: Sweet and oh so floral, Rose Essential Oil is delicate and powerful. A true floral scent with elements of sweetness throughout. The scent is similar - not identical - to our Navre candle. 

1 x Sleep and Meditation Spray - This oil will assist you to fall asleep, when used during meditation you will find your ‘higher self’ faster and fall into a deeper meditation. Lavender oil will help you rest and relax, assisting in a more restful nights sleep. You will feel calmer and lighter almost immediately. CRYSTAL: Amethyst works to create a calm and serene vibration, known all over the world for its ability to bring light and calm to any space. FRAGRANCE: If you love the Myles Gray REST Bath Soak, you are going to love this fragrance - pure lavender essential oil creates the most divine, calming aroma. 

1 x Balance, Unity and Stability Spray - This oil will balance and stabilise your emotions, creating a sense of fulfilment and unity. Grapefruit Essential Oil will create a sense of rejuvenation and stability, immediately increasing your mood. CRYSTAL: Moss Agate will promote balance and increase your energy vibrations. FRAGRANCE: Pink Grapefruit essential oil is a beautiful soft aroma full of sweet and fruity notes. If we were to compare the scent to one of the Myles Gray candles it would be closest to Reine, however not identical. 

1 x Calm and Clarity Spray - This oil will help you feel clear and calm, when used during decision making you will find yourself in a clear headspace. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil will boost your mood and help to regulate your heart rate, physically helping you feel calm. Peppermint oil is energising and exhilarating helping you to see clearly and complete tasks. CRYSTAL: White Quartz is a crystal we have never used before and will help to enhance your energy you will feel calm and clear with a burning desire to achieve. FRAGRANCE: Peppermint and Ylang Ylang essential oil create the most calm and uplifting aroma together. The balance is just right and you will imeddiatly feel clearer and calmer. If we were to compare the way the fragrance made us feel to a candle, it would be Esprit Clair. Similar fragrance families but not identical. 

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Full set of The Essential Oils | Myles Gray