The Fragrance and Candle Gift Set Guide

Research shows that one out of six Australians view Christmas as the most nerve-racking time. The good news? We've made it easy to find the perfect gift for that special person - a diffuser or candle gift set. 

Diffuser and candle gift sets, packs, and collections are a great way to make others feel special and pampered. They're convenient and ready-made and offer plenty of variety for their recipients.

Gift sets are also wonderful to use for celebrating other occasions too, from thank you's, birthdays and engagements, to anniversaries, moving house or even condolences. 

Here's a rundown on the top fragrance and candle gift sets to surprise your loved ones with this holiday season.

Let's jump in! 

Ecoya Gifts

Some of the best gift sets to use as holiday gifts are those from the fragrance house Ecoya. These gift sets feature candles and diffusers, among other products.

Ecoya's reed diffusers and soy candles are known for their luxurious and lush aromas, perfect for lifting the mood. The candles, which contain cotton wicks, stand out for their homage to nature with their woody, floral, and fruity scents. Your gift recipient can enjoy burn times of anywhere from 25 hours to 80 hours with these soy wax beauties.

The Perfect Scents for the Stressed

If your family member is feeling stressed these days, you can't go wrong with a white jasmine and sweet pea candle and diffuser Luxe Gift Set from Ecoya. The elegant fragrance is made complete with uplifting hints of cucumber and watermelon. And the floral scent may help to combat stress, depression, and inflammation, as well as induce sleep.

If you're after relaxation, don't go past our Lotus Flower Little Luxuries pack. Infused with deep shades of vanilla and patchouli, it includes a mini candle and diffuser - a thoughtful gesture for a small celebration or occasion. You can also get this scent in a new Body Duo Gift Set too, which includes a 450 ml Hand & Body Wash and a 450ml Hand & Body Lotion.

Guava scents are also excellent for relieving stress. So, treat your super-busy loved one to an Ecoya Essentials Gift Set. It features sweet notes of guava nectar, lychee and berries in a mini diffuser, hand and body wash and lotion.

Ecoya hand lotion gift set

Glasshouse Gifts

Glasshouse is another powerhouse when it comes to delivering attractive pamper sets. The Glasshouse brand has produced some of today's most experience-charged and eclectic candles and other items, like body wash.

With Glasshouse's soy candles and other relaxation-inducing products, you can expect lasting and bold scents every time. 

The Perfect Scents for the Avid or Aspiring Traveller

Does your loved one enjoy travelling to exotic places, like the French Riviera, or the Côte d'Azur? Bring a hint of this beautiful destination home with a soothing Marseille Memoir Gift Set.

This combo of a hand cream and hand wash is the perfect way to recreate the coastal area's aromatic ambience with its apple blossom, gardenia, and citrusy neroli blend. Your loved one will feel like she's right there taking in the coastline's sunshine and calm waters. 

Is your family member obsessed with the luxurious air of Florence, Italy? Give them a hint of the city with Glasshouse's Velvet Rhapsody Forever Florence Gift Set.

This perfume, shower gel, and body lotion pack is filled with dreamy aromas like lily, amber, and peonies -- scents your gift recipient will never forget. The aromas will take your loved one right to the charming cobblestone streets of Florence -- no passport needed. 

Glasshouse body care, diffuser and candle gift set

Scarlet & Grace Gifts

Scarlet & Grace has also earned a reputation for the stellar ingredients in their diffuser and candle products. The brand's fragrances and wax are developed and designed right in Sydney.

By mixing and matching various scents this holiday season, you can treat your loved ones to beautiful aromas that will tantalize their noses all year long.

The Perfect Scents for the Hopeless Romantic

Vanilla scents are known for their aphrodisiacal qualities, arousing a person's seductive and sexual senses. So, if you have a romance lover in your life, they're sure to love a Scarlet & Grace Woodlands Gift Pack.

The gift pack features a soy candle with an "exotic woods" scent, as well as a diffuser that offers a distinct mix of the scents of sandalwood, patchouli, and vanilla. This is the perfect combo for a glorious night in with a significant other. 

Another sexy gift pack option for a loved one's future date night is The Australia Collection Gift Pack. The four-candle pack is ideal for creating a romantic, soft ambiance with its mixture of scents inspired by Gippsland wines and beaches. 

The gift pack also includes a high plains–inspired scent featuring notes of eucalyptus, pine, and lemon. And the "moonlit lake" scent is just as irresistible with its hint of musk and fern.

This gift pack is hands-down one of the best ways to add zest to any intimate evening. 

How We Can Help with Our Diffuser and Candle Gift Set Options

At Nerridah and Ross, we take pride in offering the best wax and reed products for the perfect diffuser and candle gift set.

We also offer scented washes, creams, and lotions that make ideal gifts. In addition, our online shop is filled with room sprays that are sure to leave any space smelling fresh and beautiful.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our latest scents, and browse the full gift set range online today!

Scarlet and Grace diffuser and candle gift set

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