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Seasonal Scents: Our Favourite Winter Friendly Fragrances

Winter in Australia covers June through to August. It includes calendar events like Pride Month and NAIDOC Week, the Winter Solstice and Christmas in July. The weather is cool and occasionally wet except in the north where it’s the dry season.

Winter is often seen as a time of hibernation, contemplation and even isolation. However, Australia’s climate is milder than many other parts of the world, so it’s still a good time to go hiking, diving, food and wine touring, and of course skiing and other alpine activities. It’s the season of blue hues, puffer jackets, hot drinks and cosy nights on the couch.

The warming winter fragrances we associate with this time of the year are all about creating a homely yet hearty haven that is snug and sheltered. Keep reading for all the Nerridah & Ross candles, diffusers and more that will make your home feel like a hug…

June – Icy Cool Colours

Many winter fragrances don’t just smell and feel like winter, they look like winter too.

A season that’s light and clear on some days, and gloomy and wet on others, the colours can range from cold and bold to brisk and crisp. Think everything from dark, dramatic tones like blacks, dark blues, greys and grey–greens, to slightly sunnier shades of vivid blue, bright green, smatterings of cloudy cream, and even lilac and lavender.

Glasshouse Fragrances runs the full gamut of winter friendly hues. Make a statement with an Arabian Nights themed candle that’s boxed in black with a gold label and writing, then lighten up a little with I’ll Take Manhattan in midnight blue.

Gingerbread House has gold animal prints and plaid patterns on cobalt blue packaging, whilst Melbourne Muse is a vivid sky blue. To really uplift a dull day, burn a bit of Marseille Memoir in striking white and off–white.

Myles Gray’s limited edition Bare Basics collection includes Urban, in a light, gunmetal grey jar, with the soft crackle of the wood wick sure to enhance the wintery mood, and Ecoya’s limited edition Bergamot & Basil is boxed in a matte duck green.

Elume’s range of soy wax candles includes Sweet Patchouli in turquoise, Lavender Lemongrass in powdery, dark periwinkle, and Kiwi & Waterlily in an ashy, columbia blue.

Elume jar candles in winter fragrance colours

July – Spicy Fireside Scents

Nothing says making the most of the colder months more than the crackle of an open fire and the flicker of candlelight from a spicy and warm, winter fragrance.

Circa Fragrances have two toasty, signature scents: Vanilla Bean & Allspice and Amber & Sandalwood. Both are robust and enduring, and can be strong in a small room but subtle in a large space. Ecoya also keeps the heat coming with a Spiced Tonka scent, featuring festive frankincense, bergamot and bitter orange winter fragrances. 

For those who want to bring the essence of the outdoors in (without the wind or rain), aromas from the woody olfactory family are great for making a room feel rustic yet restful.

Elume has three earthy and ligneous varieties, including the charcoal stained, paraffin wax Smokey Woods pillar candle, the rich bourbony Mahogany & Ylang jar candle and the soft yet sturdy scent of Sandalwood soy wax melts.

Scarlet & Grace’s Egyptian Oud candle combines floral and woody notes, fusing cedar and amber with musk and light jasmine. 

In keeping with the nature theme, Wyck’s range of native Australian fragrances are also comforting aromatic companions in the depths of winter, and their most popular types include Ironbark pillars and Blue Gum Eucalyptus votive candles. 

August – Rich Foodie Flavours

Another reason to get into winter fragrances is for their delicious, edible ingredients.

Top, middle and base notes are often full–bodied with sweet and musky essences, and evoke mouth–watering memories of tucking into oven baked desserts and stewed fruits, and sipping hot coffees, chocolates, and chais.

On both an aromatic and aesthetically pleasing note, Only Orb’s collection of refillable teak orbs would look great on the living room mantlepiece or coffee table, and would make for the perfect twin set of winter fragrances. OH! contains hints of deep vetiver whilst OM has a harmonious blend of syrupy fig, star anise–esque cassia (also known as Chinese cinnamon) and oak moss. 

Crushed and squeezed to create the scent, Scarlet & Grace’s French Pear is a zesty mood improver, and Sheike Industries’ Opal Fig & Pear fragrance is the epitome of luxury, flecked with 24 carat pure gold leaf if you don’t mind!

Elume has the trifecta when it comes to smooth and creamy combinations: Oriental Musk, Vanilla Nutmeg and Coconut Vanilla Bean, whilst Ecoya’s Maple scented reed diffuser is a velvety blend of floral and oriental (aka “floriental”).

For those who like to unwind with a glass of red before bed, Florin and Grace have you covered. Wine O’Clock is a decadent blend of champagne, strawberry, raspberry and red rose, and will make you feel relaxed in no time. Some slightly more masculine scents include The Commonfolk Collective’s Hubby, Son & Brother Dictionary Meaning candles, which all contain clove, cinnamon bark, black pepper and tobacco.

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