Seasonal Scents: Our Favourite Spring Friendly Fragrances

Spring in Australia covers September through to November. It includes events like the Royal Melbourne Show, the AFL Grand Final, Halloween and the Spring Cup Carnival. The days are generally warm and sunny, with cool mornings, cool nights and low humidity. And from October, the light lasts longer in the southern states in the evenings due to Daylight Savings.

After months of wearing winter woollies and keeping out of the wind and the rain, Spring is a chance for people to venture out again to energise and socialise. It’s the season for getting into nature, smelling the blossoming flowers and foliage and enjoying the many colours of the environment around you.

The delicate, floral scents that organically come out this time of the year create a fresh and fragrant ambience. Read on for all the Nerridah & Ross scented candles, diffusers and more that you can buy to recreate that botanic Spring feeling in your own home…

September – Buds & Blooms

The word ‘Spring’ alone conjures up many vivid memories and moods. The cold and wet days of Winter leave many of us feeling blue, so Spring gives us an opportunity to get out and about again and enjoy some sunshine. Hearing birds chirp in the trees and catching glimpses of some gorgeous local wildlife emerging from hibernation is a sure–fire way to improve your mood.

As children, we embraced Spring because it meant two weeks of school holidays were on their way. It was a time for catching up with friends, playing outdoors and just generally enjoying the warmer weather. After three months cooped up indoors, it was no wonder!

For adults, it’s often a time to get out in the garden again. All the flowers are blooming and blossoming and the trees are getting their leaves back. This means the time has come to get out the shears, rakes, wheelbarrows and watering cans and get pruning.

Our native spring flowers and floral scents come in an array of shapes, sizes and colours. We have the bright reds of a Rose, Tulip and Bottlebrush, the soft pinks and peaches of a Ranunculus and Peony, the pastel purples of Wisteria and the Lavender bush, the bright whites of an Azalea and Cherry Blossom tree, and the yellow shades of Sunflower, Wattle and Daffodil.

Ecoya's Spring Violet & Vetiver candle & diffuser

October – Fresh, Floral Fragrances

When it comes to bringing the outdoors in and recreating the sights and smells of Spring in your own home, look no further than our full Floral range.

Every candle, diffuser, hand wash and body lotion is the epitome of a sweet Spring day, bursting with a bright yet subtle floral bouquet of fruity, musky and delicately earthy aromas. The best floral scents are the essence of romance and nostalgia.

Glasshouse Fragrances brings us two staple scents. There’s Kyoto in Bloom, with its intoxicating hints of Lime, Lotus, flowering Camellia and bitter Bergamot. And there’s Forever Florence, with its warm, Renaissance–esque rich middle notes of White Flower, Peony, Lily and Jasmine.

Ecoya are next up with a specific Spring scent of Violet & Vetiver. This limited edition reed diffuser also infuses soft, oriental notes of Jasmine, Rosewood, Bergamot and Neroli. Ecoya’s core floral fragrances include Lotus Flower, with its Lemon, Musk and Patchouli plant flavours, and Sweet Pea & Jasmine, which combines its titular scents with uplifting notes of Watermelon, Cedarwood, Cucumber and Ylang–Ylang.

Wyck has two key floral fragrances (Australian Bush Flowers and Rose & Sandalwood) as does Scarlet & Grace (Lotus Flower and French Lavender), as well as their Floral Collection set containing three, 70gm candles of Lotus Flower, Orange Frangipani and Wild Peony & Jasmine.

November – Kaleidoscopic Colours

As mentioned before, Spring is a time of stunning colour combinations. It’s packed full of poppy reds, cheerful yellows, tangerine oranges, chalky lilacs, pale blues, warm greens, peach pinks and all shades of brown, from beige to chocolate.

Light, bright and multicoloured, you can recreate the tone and feel of Spring at home, with our wide variety of candles and diffusers. They all come in stylish, colourful boxes and containers, meaning they all look as good as they smell!

Let’s start with Elume. Described as being like “a white bouquet from a country garden”, their Magnolia Gardenia wax melts are creamy in colour and will burn for 30+ hours. Their Kiwi Waterlily mini soy candles with their soft blue tint will fill your space with an enchanting and fresh, floral scent. Packaged in a butter yellow box, their White Nectarine Blossom jar candle has a naturally sunny disposition, and follows it up with sweet base notes of Jasmine, Cyclamen and leafy greens.

Circa Fragrances has four key flowery scents in their range. First there’s their limited edition Lily & Rosewood candle, full of all the fragrances of a stunning botanical garden, with hints of Pink Peppercorn, Violet Leaf, Lily and Sandalwood.

Then there’s the pink and red blend of Rose & Lychee, perfectly mixing fruity with floral, the pale purple elegance of Cotton Flower & Freesia, with base notes of Musk, Moss and White Rose, and the white with gold accents arrival of Jasmine & Magnolia, weaving in feminine, floral whiffs of Lily, Frangipani and Clover.

Read all about our other Seasonal Scent blogs here – Summer, Autumn & Winter.

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