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1110 products

1110 products

If smelling good is important to you, then you are important to us. Whether it be fragrancing your home with stunningly scented candles and diffusers, or luxuriating with lush bath and body lotions and more, we have a wide range of Australian made products to suit you. Browse our full range above or shop by category…

Candles and Diffusers

If you’re after a special fragrance for yourself, or as a gift to a friend or family member, you’ve come to the right place. We stock a huge collection of high quality candles and diffusers to go in any room of the house. Some of our favourite places to light a soy wax candle or refillable, reed diffuser are in the living room, the bedroom, the toilet and bathroom, the home office, outdoor areas and even the car. Some of our top brands include Ecoya, Elume, Glasshouse Fragrances and Myles Gray.

Personal Care Products

Be sure to make note of the fact that our website is varied and we don’t just sell candles and diffusers. Another thing that we are passionate about is hand, face and body products. We have lotions and creams that focus on hydration, washes and soaks that provide relaxation, and soaps and sanitisers that promote good hand health and hygiene. Many of our candle and diffuser brands make body care products, but we have a few that are exclusive in that area, including The Soap Bar and al.ive Body.

Greeting Cards & More

As well as home fragrances and hand & body products, we stock a few other bits and bobs too. Our greeting cards cover the full gamut of gift giving reasons, from congratulations to with sympathy, and are handmade by brands including Galina Dixon, Fox & Fallow and The Nonsense Maker. Ecoya is big into laundry products, so we also have a range of liquid, dryer, spray and dropper items to choose from. And for those into the spiritual side of scent, we also have salt & selenite, essential oils and crystal rollers by Earth Saltz.