What is the perfect Kris Kringle gift?

It is that time of the year when the people you work with or the group you play netball with - or maybe even your family - decide that the best way to share some Christmas cheer is to have a Kris Kringle or KK gift exchange, you might even call it Secret Santa.

These days, technology makes it so easy to organise a Kris Kringle. There are plenty of generators on the internet that allow you to put in everyone’s name and even apply filters so that when the list is generated, you aren’t paired up with particular people.

For example, in the Stinchcombe family Kris Kringle, we make sure no-one is allocated someone in their direct family by using Draw Names. You can of course still do it the old fashioned way where everyone’s name is put into a ‘hat’ and each person draws the name of the person they will buy for. Once you know who you are buying for, is where it gets tricky! How do you decide what to buy for your Kris Kringle?

Here at Nerridah & Ross, we have a range of gifts that are perfectly priced for Kris Kringle. Read on!

Kris Kringle Ideas Under $20

Does your Kris Kringle love candles? Elume’s petite range of Christmas candles are available in four festive fragrances, Pine Needle & Sage, Cinnamon Spice & Berries, Mulberry Spice and Vanilla Nutmeg. With a burn time of up to 20 hours, your Kris Kringle is going to be enjoying the scents of the season and thanking you for quite some time.

Does your Kris Kringle need to treat themselves? If they do, our range of Bon Bons are cute and festive and you don’t even need to wrap them! Ecoya’s Bon Bons are available in three of their most loved fragrances and each contains a 50ml hand cream, whilst Glasshouse’s Bon Bons contain a Kyoto in Bloom (Camelia & Lotus) eau de parfum and body lotion.

Glasshouse Christmas Bon Bon

Or you could choose, one of Ecoya’s Two Piece Mini gift packs, they feature Ecoya's traditional colour palettes for each fragrance with a gold surround. With the loop on top, you can even hang them on the Christmas tree! They each contain a hand cream and a room spray, you can choose from Guava & Lychee Sorbet, Lotus Flower or Sweet Pea & Jasmine.

Two piece mini gift set being hung on Christmas Tree

If the person you are buying for loves caravanning and travelling, this next product is going to be perfect for them. Did you know that candles come in travel tins? Surf Coast Candles' range of travel tins allow you to take your favourite fragrance with you wherever you go. The wooden wick means that the candle gives off a crackling sound as it burns and the burn time is up to 40 hours.

Does the person you are buying for deserve some time to relax? A Bath & Body Duo will be a Kris Kringle present they will love. Handcrafted in Maleny on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland by The Soap Bar, this pack contains a bath bomb and soap, perfect for spoiling.

Maybe the person you are buying for is always on their computer, if so, a usb salt lamp is a great choice. The mini USB salt lamp plugs into a USB port or straight into their computer, dancing through all the colours of the spectrum – pink, magenta, purple, blue, aqua and green. Made from Himalayan salt, they are said to have many benefits including reducing impurities in the air by generating negative ions through the heat of the globe; improving concentration and they are a fantastic mood lifter through the tranquil, calm and relaxing glow.

Usb salt lamp

Kris Kringle Ideas Under $30

If your Kris Kringle spends lots of time in the car, you can make it a sweet smelling experience when you choose a car diffuser from Ecoya or Sheike Industries. Sheike Industries’ car diffusers come in crystal bottles containing cubic zirconias for some added sparkle and they can hang near your steering wheel. Ecoya’s car diffusers fit neatly on your vents, and as an added bonus, refills are also available so it is a gift that will last for a long time. Choose from their holiday range or their core range.

There are also some great options in this price range for Kris Kringles that love candles, this price range includes beautiful votives and pillars by Wyck, pillars by elume and a huge range of mini candles by Scarlet & Grace, Ecoya and Glasshouse.

Wyck’s beautiful pillars are made from plant wax and burn to leave a pretty outer layer, votives come in a set of four including a glass to burn them in. Elume’s iconic pillars come in beautiful colours and fragrances including their Christmas range that are striking in red, green and white. If you would like something festive in a jar, Elume’s range of Elegant Candles come in beautiful porcelain, they glow softly when burning and are perfect for reusing afterwards.

Elume's elegant candle in a white porcelain jar

Does your recipient LOVE Christmas? How about a spinning, silver carousel imported from Germany? These pretty carousels rely on heat from a tealight to make them spin. Available in a Christmas Tree or Snowflake design these will make the perfect addition to their Christmas decorations. Alternatively, you could choose the Hearts or Tree of Life designs so the recipient can enjoy your great gift choice all year round. Whilst each carousel comes with a tealight if you wanted to add something extra you could choose some beautifully fragranced tealights by Elume too.

Silver carousel with a tealight burning inside it so the snowflake carousel twirls

If your Kris Kringle enjoys time relaxing outside, perhaps one of Earth Saltz's ceramic monks will make a great addition to their garden. These cute baby monks are so happy and will make your Kris Kringle smile. They can be used indoors or outdoors and come in three different poses - laughing monk, baby monk riding an elephant and a trio posing in the classic 'See No, Hear No, Speak No Evil' stance.

Ceramic monk riding on an elephant

Kris Kringle Ideas Under $50

Spoil your Kris Kringle with a gift pack! We have a range to choose from with different combinations of products and a range of different fragrances, the thing they all have in common is that the recipient will be able to spend some time pampering themselves. Hand wash and hand cream packs are available from Glasshouse and Ecoya has a range of gift sets that include hand creams, hand & body washes and lotions, travel sets, candles & diffusers.

Crystal rollers are the ultimate pampering tool, so if your Kris Kringle could really use a little extra pampering this is the perfect gift. The benefits of crystal rollers include: reducing facial inflammation and puffiness, tightening the skin and pores, evening out and improving skin tone, brightening the skin and promoting lymphatic drainage.

If you are still stuck or maybe you have a higher budget to work with, we can help! Contact us via email hello@nerridahandross.com.au and we can send you a personalised list if you provide us with your budget.

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