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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Christmas Candles for 2021

Decorating for Christmas includes finding just the right scent to invite that coveted holiday cosiness. 

With the season fast approaching, it's time to find your favourite Christmas candles so you can start off with your home smelling the part. 

Keep reading for our ultimate guide to the best Christmas candles...

Invite Warmth

If you want to help your home feel warm and cozy, look for scented candles that have food and spice undertones. 

Try our Cinnamon Spice & Berries candle! With hints of earthy clove and Valencia oranges, this Christmas candle will create a sense of warmth and brightness. 

Prefer a fresh woody and wintery approach? With fresh pine, sage, and earthy wood tones our Pine Needle & Sage candle may be the perfect choice of holiday candle for you!

Fill your home with hints of the outdoors and spices to invite a feeling of openness and warmth. 

Elume Christmas candles

Invite Cheer

Decorations, Christmas goodies, and parties help the days feel festive. You can up the feeling of holiday cheer with bright floral scents and hints of baking. 

Want to be more subtle in your candle choice? Try our Red Berries & Peony candle. Red Berries and Peony at Dusk is a sparkling fragrance that invokes memories of laughter and togetherness as the day comes to a close. 

What better way to invite Christmas cheer than to fill your home with a scent that will make everyone think of Christmas cookies? Look no further than our aptly named Vanilla & Nutmeg candle that will fill your home with the scent of baked sweets.

Whether you prefer warm and woodsy, clean and bright, or food and spice, the holiday candle you choose will help you enjoy some Christmas cheer.

Ecoya Christmas scented candles

2021 Glasshouse Christmas Candle Collection

Glasshouse Fragrances have gone all red this Christmas season. Items in the 2021 limited edition collection will come in beautiful red jars with vibrant textures and gold accents, to not only up your holiday scent game, but your decor game as well!

This year's Merry & Bright candle combines tropical tones with the holidays for a delicious summer Christmas treat. This sun-kissed pineapple and strawberry scent with just a hint of mint to lighten it up will certainly brighten up your holiday.

Looking for a Christmas candle with all the feels? Try Glasshouse's White Christmas fragrance. Cedar leaf and fruity clove combine with winter favorites like eucalyptus, cedar, and orange to invoke a warm holiday fragrance that will leave you glowing.

Inspired by plum puddings, sweet holiday treats, and festive fruit tones this candle will knock your Christmas stockings off! Check out the Glasshouse Night Before Christmas candle right here. Envision blackcurrant, plum, lemon, and lavender with earthy notes floating underneath and you have a recipe for a nostalgic night before Christmas.

Last, but certainly not least in the 2021 Glasshouse collection, is a scent sure to get your creative juices flowing. Our Glasshouse Gingerbread House candle will fill the air with the scent of caramel, ginger, nutmeg, and Bourbon vanilla. With an added warm blend of spicy and sweet undertones, this candle is sure to please adults and kids alike. 

If you love any of these holiday scents, don't delay. Glasshouse's 2021 Christmas Collection is a limited edition, so shop now!

Glasshouse Christmas candles

Mix It Up

Candles aren't the only way to introduce the smells of the season into your home. You can have the same benefits of scented candles in other forms. 

Diffusers are an effective way to share the love without the heat. Try one of our diffusers in Sea Salt & Gardenia. You'll love the freshness of sea air and gardenias, bringing a light calm ocean breeze to your festivities. 

Want to keep it simple and spritz some freshness without the commitment? Try our Room Spray Trio! With three fruity and floral scents, you won't be disappointed. 

Some of your favorite candles even come in body butters and car diffusers, so you can take them anywhere you go!

Make It a Gift

Need ideas for holiday gifting, look no further! Not only do we have the best candles for Christmas gifts, but there are fun and beautiful options that would make truly unique gifts, for yourself or someone you love.

The Bauble Christmas Orb from our Only Orb Christmas Collection is the beautiful gift that keeps on giving, scented in plum, pear, and spice. Orb refills are available in 7 different scents when you've finished enjoying the Christmas fragrance and want to change things up. 

Speaking of gifts that keep on giving, check out the advent calendars we have available. The Scarlet & Grace 12 Days of Christmas gift set comes in a hand-painted box with 12 delicious Christmas candles. 

Don't forget that we offer complimentary gift wrapping, just add it to your cart!

Scarlet & Grace 12 Days of Christmas candles

Don't Delay

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The Best Christmas Candles Are Right at Your Fingertips

With so many enticing choices, we know the best Christmas candles are already at your fingertips. Let us help you fill your home with the warmth and cheer of the holidays!

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