The Amazing Power of Candles | Matching Scents and Zodiac Signs

Smell is one of our most powerful senses, yet few people are aware of the link between their Zodiac sign and certain scents. Research has, in fact, shown that 80% of people prefer the scent of their zodiac sign's signature smell over that of other zodiac signs, and with aromatherapy having been shown to change brain chemistry, making people feel relaxed and energised, the power of candles is well worth exploring.

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While there are plenty of scented candles on the market, only Zodiac candles provide that metaphysical connection to both the universe and your inner self by combining the personality traits associated with each star sign with the fragrances that invoke those feelings. Each star sign candle comprises:

  • Top notes: volatile scents that trigger memories then fade
  • Middle of heart notes:  warm notes that make up the soul of a fragrance
  • Base notes: persistent notes that linger as others fade, leaving a lasting impression


India fragrance with its warm, earthly tobacco overtones combined with the spicy mix of cinnamon, clove, ginger and jasmine are preceded by the cilantro and pepper high notes invoking feelings of ambition, passion and enthusiasm that are linked to the Aries psyche. The fragrance recharges Arieans preparing them to dive into their next challenge.


With the bull representing them, Taureans are strong and resilient. This is represented by the strong base notes of sandalwood, patchouli and cedarwood. While the top notes of lemon oil and eucalyptus align with the calm yet powerful demeanour, they exude. The individual scents create a signature fragrance that is consistent with the serene environments that Taureans excel in.


Enchanting, open-minded, and known for their free spirits, the Tulum fragrance takes Geminis on a tropical journey with its fruity, fresh fragrance. Lemon and lime top notes give way to the tropics as the scent of fresh pineapple and melon blends with a base of grapefruit and mangos, emphasising the spontaneous and adaptable qualities that are a trait of those born under the Gemini star sign.


Compassionate, intuitive, and protective by nature, those who have Cancer as their zodiac sign will have their connections reinvigorated by the Himalayas fragrance. This fragrance combines the clean scents of lemon, green sage and white lily to cleanse and clear their souls. At the same time, the persistent notes of musk, patchouli and amber inspire their creative side.


The Hudson Valley fragrance combines all the fresh scents of the valley to create a fragrance that emphasises the passion, loyalty and courage of any Leo's key traits. The signature fragrance blends lemon, lime and mint with ginger and jasmine before leaving vanilla and rosewood combined with a hint of the ocean to linger in the air, burning this scent helps Leos feel recharged and reenergised.


Virgos are hardworking, dedicated and supportive of those around them. Their signature fragrance plays to their perfectionist tendencies combining lemon and eucalyptus with caramel and cloves, which fades into the persistent notes to sandalwood, cedarwood and patchouli. The Palm desert fragrance is blended to create a bohemian vibe that leaves a lasting impression of peace and harmony.


The Byron Bay scent is all about balance, so it is not surprising that this is the signature fragrance of Librans. With pineapple, peach and coconut balanced against the sweet smell of buttermilk, jasmine and ginger. The need for symmetry and harmony is emphasised by the persistent fragrance of musk, vanilla and amber. The fragrance is designed to emphasise the social and charismatic traits of Librarians.


Passionate and brave, those that fall under the Scorpio sign are represented by a signature fragrance that focuses on calming the body, mind and soul. The Himalayas scent has lemon oil top notes that melt into green sage and white lily, with cedarwood, musk, patchouli and amber the base notes that give the fragrance substance. This scent cleanses and clears the mind, leaving Scorpios ready to create.


Optimistic and generous by nature, Sagittarian's signature scent is designed to promote peace and harmony. Cloves and caramel give the fragrance heart with a lemon and eucalyptus twist before giving way to the sandalwood and cedarwood base. The Palm Desert fragrance provides the perfect atmosphere for the pursuit of intellectual, spiritual and geographical adventures Sagittarians are renowned for. 


Capricorns are independent, well-grounded and generous by nature, which is emphasised by their signature fragrance, India. The lasting impression is that of the exotic with vanilla, tonka beans, amber and cedarwood left lingering after the warm feelings that are created by jasmine, ginger, and cinnamon are balanced against the more volatile initial impression that is created by the cilantro and black pepper fade. Capricorns will feel recharged and full of purpose when relaxing with this fragrance in the air.


Aquarians are the innovators, so it is no surprise their signature fragrance is fresh and unique. Mali fragrance emphasises the independence and intuition that Aquarians are known for, with the top notes blending cucumber and mint leaf before the heart notes of ginger root and jasmine come through, with cyclamen and sea salt lingering. The candle fragrance has a "cocktails on the beach feel" to open up the mind and put Aquarians in tune with positive changes. 


Piscean's deep and emphatic natures come through in their signature fragrance, Byron Bay. It creates a warm, familiar feel through the tropical and fruity overtones of coconut milk, peach nectar and pineapple combined with the sweetness of jasmine, ginger and almond that give way to the subtle combination of vanilla musk and caramel. Piscean's signature scent is in tune with their nature of blending the lines between fantasy and reality.

It is always hard to match a gift with the personality of the person receiving it. Zodiac candles by The Commonfolk Collective are specifically matched to star signs and the traits those that fall under each have. The power of candles is underutilized but something that can have real benefits. Candles that match the star sign of the recipient really are the perfect gift.

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