Need a Gift Idea for Mum? Check Out These Wonderful Gifts!

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Holiday shopping allows us to give back to those who shape our lives and when it comes to gift ideas for Mum, thoughts of rest and relaxation abound. 

A small soak in the tub, a cosy corner chair with a candle and a good book ... each of these activities can bring on waves of peace and serenity. And aren't those the best things to offer the women who have given their all to us? 

Below, we're going to walk you through a few gift experience ideas for Mum. They're small tokens that will do just that - create entire experiences that can extend all the way into the New Year. We hope you'll find something here that will express your love and warm Mum's heart. 

A Soy Candle

What sets a better mood than a fabulous, clean scent wafting through the air? And, since most of the ladies in our lives love to set the mood with a gently flickering candle, why not make it tailor-made for Mum? 

The Commonfolk Collective has a beautiful mango and lime scented candle that is labelled, 'Love Ya, Mum' with floral background. Every time it's lit, she'll remember just how much she means to you. 

Or, if your Mum has a little French flair in her soul, you can also choose a Myles Gray candle, containing beautiful rose quartz crystals and giving off a gentle aroma of buttercream, caramel, and vanilla, 'Jetaime' (I love you) will tell your mum just how much you care.

Ecoya Candle on side table

Candle & Diffuser Gift Set

Do you know Mum well enough to know her favourite scent? We can tell you one scent that almost always strikes the right cord: jasmine. 

If you mix in a little sweet pea with white jasmine, you will have an uplifting, delectable scent that Mum will love to have fragrancing her home. 

We love giving fantastic scents in gift sets because, if it really does lift her spirits, Mum can light a candle in the kitchen, set out a diffuser in the bathroom, and even leave one on her nightstand for the evenings. In essence, you'll help her create a good ambiance all throughout the home. 

Christmas gifts

A Christmas Candle

Of course, it's always safe to go with a year-round scent that Mum will love. But, perhaps you can gift her with a Christmas candle that she can set out at her holiday party this year? 

The folks over at Scarlet & Grace have a limited edition, hand-poured, soy wax candle that dazzles with notes of fresh pine and fir needle.

They call it their 'Christmas Tree Candle' and they couldn't be more on-point. This is one of the best luxury gift ideas for Mum that's sure to make her smile. 

If you think Mum might be all pined out, then you can opt for any of the other scents that beckon for Christmas delight. Perhaps a little mulberry spice or vanilla nutmeg will entice everyone to enjoy the festive spirit. 

Set of hand cream on side table

Christmas Gift Ideas for Mum

And there you have it! In a pinch, you can find the best Christmas gift ideas for Mum online. What do you say to helping her rest and relax with some mood-setting candles or gift sets? After all, this year has been quite the rollercoaster ride. 

Here at Nerridah and Ross, we love helping people create wonderful atmospheres in their homes. Whether you want to savour all of the holiday season's delights with a Christmas candle or a year-round scent, you can easily gift Mum something that will light aflame for hours on end. 

With the right scented candle, tea light, bath salt, or body lotion, a mood can be lifted and a new atmosphere can be set.

Sometimes, all it takes is the strike of a match upon the wick of your new favourite candle. Together, we look forward to making your Christmas shopping for Mum a joyous affair. 

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