Mother's Day candle by Circa

9 Wonderful Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Did you know that Mother's Day has been celebrated in some form since 1858? While the gifts and traditions have evolved over time, the sentiment remains the same: to honour and appreciate the mothers in our lives.

In recent years, Mother's Day candles have become a popular gift choice, symbolising warmth, love, and relaxation.

In this article, we'll explore seven thoughtful gift ideas to make this Mother's Day truly special for your mum or mother figure, including luxurious candles, soothing diffusers, body care products and more...

1) Mother's Day Candles: A Warm Glow for Mum

One of the best Mother's Day gifts you can give is the gift of relaxation. Mother's Day candles are a perfect choice for creating a soothing atmosphere for your mum to unwind. The warm glow and lovely scents can help her take a break from her busy day and enjoy some well-deserved rest.

Limited Edition Lily & Rosewood Soy Candle by Circa

This beautiful candle from our newest brand to join the family, Circa, is one of our top Mother's Day gift ideas. Made from soy wax, it burns cleanly and lasts longer than traditional candles. The delicate mix of Lily and Rosewood scents creates a calming ambiance, perfect for your mum to enjoy in any room of the house at any time of the day.

2) Diffusers: Fill the Air with Fragrance

Another popular choice for Mother's Day gifts is a diffuser. These devices release delightful fragrances into the air, making any room smell wonderful. They're a great way to show your mum you care and help her create a relaxing space in her home.

New Limited Edition Touch the Sky Diffuser from Glasshouse Fragrances

This elegant diffuser from Glasshouse Fragrances is not only a beautiful decoration, but also a source of delightful scents. With its captivating Pink Suede & Peony fragrance, the Touch the Sky diffuser is a perfect addition to your list of Mother's Day present ideas. It's also beautifully packaged by contemporary Indigenous artist and designer, Rachael Sarra – meaning its made for gift giving!

Glasshouse Fragrances Touch the Sky diffuser

3) Body Wash Sets: Pamper Your Mum

Help your mum indulge in some self-care with luxurious body wash sets to make her feel pampered on Mother's Day. A quality body wash set can transform her daily routine into a spa-like experience, so nothing but the best will do.

Hand & Body Wash & Lotion + Tray - Mango & Lychee Set by al.ive body

al.ive body is another new brand on–board with us, and this fantastic set is perfect for giving your mum a touch of luxury. With its nourishing ingredients and fresh, fruity Mango and Lychee fragrance, she'll feel special and sweet smelling every time she uses it. The duo includes a matching tray, making it a beautiful and practical addition to her bathroom.

al.ive body Hand & Body Wash & Lotion + Tray

4) Crystal Rollers: Soothing Skincare Tool

When it comes to finding gifts that are both unique and beneficial, crystal rollers stand out. These skincare tools are designed to massage the face, promoting circulation and improving the appearance of the skin. Your mum will appreciate this thoughtful gift that will help her look and feel her best – even though we know she looks amazing already!

Rose Quartz Crystal Roller by Earth Saltz

This beautiful roller is made from genuine Rose Quartz, which is a stone that is known for its soothing properties. Using the roller on her face can help your mum release tension, improve skin elasticity, reduce inflammation and puffiness, tighten pores and brighten and even out tone. A crystal roller is not only a useful skincare tool but also a stunning addition to her vanity.

5) Hand Creams: Soft and Nourished Hands

Hand creams make some of the best ideas for mums because they show your mum that you care about her comfort and cleanliness. Our hands often need extra care, and a high-quality hand cream can provide the necessary nourishment. Your mum will appreciate the thought and enjoy using her new hand cream every day.

Kyoto in Bloom Hand Cream by Glasshouse Fragrances

This luxurious hand cream is a perfect choice for Mother's Day. Its nourishing formula will leave your mum's hands feeling silky soft and smooth, while the enchanting fragrance of Kyoto in Bloom (Camellia, Lotus and Amber) adds a touch of elegance. She'll love applying it and enjoying the lovely scent throughout the day.

6) Salt Lamps: Calming Ambience for Mum

Creating a relaxing environment is essential for your mum to unwind and recharge, and salt lamps are a unique way to achieve this goal. These natural lamps emit a warm, soothing glow and can also help purify the air. They show your mum that you care about her well-being and want her to feel at ease in her own space.

Himalayan Salt Lamp by Earth Saltz

When choosing a gift, consider a Himalayan salt lamp. These lamps are made from natural salt crystals and are believed to have various health benefits, such as improving air quality and promoting zen and serenity. This one comes with a handy USB plug in and can light up in various colours to match your mum's taste and home decor.

7) Mother's Day Cards: A Heartfelt Message

Mother's Day cards are a timeless way to express your love and appreciation for your mum. A carefully chosen card with a heartfelt and meaningful message can make her day and become a cherished keepsake. Never underestimate the power of words.

Choosing the Perfect Card

When selecting a Mother's Day card, consider your mum's personality and style. There are many different designs available, from floral patterns to minimalist styles. Pick a card that reflects her taste, and take the time to write a thoughtful, personal message inside. 

Mother's Day cards

8) Relaxation Packs

Encouraging your mum to take some time to relax on Mother's Day – and every day to be frank – should be towards the top of your to–do list. And having a bath or shower with sensual soaps and following up with a creamy body butter is self indulgent indeed.

Citrus & Floral Treat Yourself Gift Packs by The Soap Bar

Our Treat Yourself gift packs by The Soap Bar are a great idea for mum this year. Each pack contains x2 fragrant body bars, an ultra nourishing pot of body butter and a relaxation eye pillow.

9) Gift Sets

If you prefer to give your mum a ready–made gift with hand selected products ranging from candles and diffusers, to hand care, body products and more, our gift set collection has you covered!

Gifts sets by Circa, Glasshouse Fragrances, Ecoya & More

From hand cream duos to soy candle trios, to perfumes, room sprays, body washes and body lotions, our range of gift boxes and bags makes giving easy for you and lets your mum have a taste of all that some of our favourite brands have to offer.

What Will You Get for Your Mum?

When it comes to finding the perfect gift, it's essential to consider your mum's unique interests and needs. From Mother's Day candles and diffusers, to crystal rollers and heartfelt cards, there are countless ways to show her just how much you care.

We hope that our list of gift ideas has inspired you to find the perfect present for your mum this Mother's Day. Don't forget to check out our hand-picked full selection of Mother's Day gifts to make her day truly unforgettable!

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