The Fragrance Files: Foodie

Whether you favour savoury over sweet, or enjoy a bracing breakfast brew instead of a naughty evening nightcap, everyone’s a bit of a foodie at heart. And considering that our sense of smell is intrinsically linked to our ability to taste, it’s no wonder scented candles are in high demand.

From breathing in buttered bakery breads and pastries, to sugar hits of ice-cream and cotton candy, who wouldn’t want their home or office to smell good enough to eat?! That’s where foodie fragranced candles, diffusers and room sprays come in.

Decadent, delicious and divine, Gourmand is one of the newest scents in the fragrance family. Inspired by indulgent dinners, desserts and drinks, a gourmand selection encompasses an array of fine foodie flavours to recreate scrumptious scents.

So, if you want the ability to conjure up and keep your favourite fragrances anytime and anywhere, from desserts, sweet treats and confectionaries, to crème caramels, coffees and wines, read on for a breakdown of our best foodie brands and bouquets… 

Moorish Showtime Sweets and Treats

Despite being able to access sweet treats once limited to special occasions or family outings anytime we want, there’s still something exciting about the atmosphere and ambience that comes with tucking in at a fun fair or film.

So, why not turn every day into a special occasion and take a tastebud trip down memory lane with Crystal Cotton Candy candles and Mini Car Diffusers by Sheike Industries. With an aroma of marshmallow and maple, you can savour the soft sugary smells alone and from the comfort of home, or literally turn your next car ride into a sweet ride. Scarlet & Grace’s Summer Sorbet candles and diffusers can also bring back good gastronomic memories, with notes of fresh lychee fruit and mixed berries together with bursts of guava sorbet, lime peel and vanilla.

Glasshouse Fragrances have quite the melt-in-your-mouth monopoly on Limited Edition foodie fragrances too. New in stock is their 80s inspired Pretty in Pink candle of Marzipan & Cherry. With appetising notes of raspberry cupcake, glacé cherry, powdery almond and candy cane, it’s like something straight off the Willy Wonka production line! Then there’s the Montmartre Macaron Candle. Inviting you on an aromatic adventure, you’ll walk the laneways of France and experience the patisserie perfumes of creamy vanilla, wild blueberries and dustings of sugared coconut and velvety vanilla - c’est si bon!

And don’t forget their one-of-a-kind Sugar Coated: Movie Night candle. A seriously sweet-scented treat, it’s a mouth-watering mixture of swirling vanilla ice cream, almond and choc topped waffle cones and popcorn. Turn up the volume, dim down the lights and lose yourself in a sensory cinematic journey…

Fun fair food: popcorn and cotton candy

Crème Caramels and Creamy Vanillas

Throughout the decades, caramel has worn many faces. It’s been stripped back, burnt, salted and swirled, and presented in a wide variety of forms such as candies, desserts, toppings and flavourings. From brittle, nougat and praline, to a flan, crème brûlée or crème caramel, its appeal is expansive and its opportunities for reinvention, endless. The same can be said for vanilla, which despite the bland name, is equally rich and highly versatile. They’re indulgent, they feel premium, yet they suit many occasions, and in candle form is no exception.

Meet Myles Gray’s Jetiame candle (also available as a room spray). With a healing Rose Quartz crystal at its centre, it’s lush musk of condensed milk, coconut, candied pecan and hazelnut combined with crème caramel and vanilla will make you feel as though you are “cocooned in a cashmere blanket of love”.

Elume understands the irresistibility of caramel too, with five varieties of candle on offer: Crème Caramel Luxury Soy Wax Jar, Soy Wax Melts, Reed Diffusers and Caramel Vanilla Tealights and Pillars. The luxuriously sweet perfume of caramel pairs with the smoky warmth of vanilla to create a delicious crème caramel fragrance that fills the air with nostalgia and gets the tastebuds tingling.

Sheike Industries’ Elixir Vanilla Caramel is a 400-gram hand crafted and Australian made candle containing the sweet calming aroma of delicious caramel with perfectly balanced vanilla fragrance. And the addition of a 24K pure gold leaf makes this an exclusive luxury candle with a burn time up to 80 hours. Sweet treats indeed!

A crème caramel

Morning Coffees and Evening Wines

No foodie aficionado is satisfied without a drink to complement their digestion, and our candles have you covered morning, noon and night.

Sheike Industries’ Solitaire Rich Coffee candle is an instantly energising aroma, whilst Florin and Grace’s First Coffee blend captures the scent of dark roasted coffee beans with just a hint of chocolate, almond and sugar cane. Yum.

Florin and Grace have got you sorted for the end of a long day too, with two types of alcoholic aromas. Wine O’Clock combines fizzy champagne with fresh strawberries, and All By Myself encourages you to bask in the bath to the scent of Moscato Sangria. And hand poured in the picturesque heart of the Gippsland region, it’s no surprise that Scarlet & Grace have a Wines of Gippsland candle and diffuser collection that will transport you to a stunningly scented scene of rolling green hills and bountiful vineyards – cheers!

Champagne with a strawberry on the edge of the glass

So, next time you smell something smooth or sweet and think “I’d love to smell that every day”, now you can thanks to our foodie scented candle range. And you’re welcome.

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