Globetrotting with Glasshouse: The Americas

Australian fragrance house Glasshouse Fragrances has a wide appeal. Established in 2006, they are beloved for their classy scented candles and reusable reed diffusers, with aromas ranging from exotic to fresh and everything in–between. Their line of hand & body products and perfumes have quickly become fan favourites too. 

Our sense of smell is so important to us, because it’s often intrinsically linked to a specific time in our lives, or a location and the special memories it evokes. Even if the holidays are over, or you’re not ready to travel just yet, you can always summon a sense of adventure through the scents you surround yourself with.

From the noisy streets of New York and the Samba beats of Brazil, to the beautiful beaches of Long Island and The Caribbean, Glasshouse’s range of city inspired scents are an alluring, aromatic insight into some of the world’s most popular and picturesque places. A sweet-smelling snapshot of the USA and surroundings, the below collection will have you feeling like you’ve been soaking up the sights, sounds and sun of the Western Hemisphere in no time.

So, in lieu of jetting off overseas, come and let your nose take you there instead…

I'll Take Manhattan - New York

Manhattan, one of New York’s five boroughs, is often described as the commercial, cultural and financial capital of the world. Open 24/7, it’s always buzzing with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, from its working districts and retail precincts, to its entertainment avenues. An island hugged by the Hudson River, the East River and the Harlem River, it’s recognisable by its busy skyline of skyscrapers with Central Park nestled in–between.

The beating heart of NYC, it boasts some of the world’s best–known buildings, streets and venues, from the Empire State Building to Broadway, Madison Square Garden to Greenwich Village, and Wall Street to 5th Avenue. Big in the arts and performing arts, you can get your gallery fix at MoMA or The Met, and catch a show at The Gershwin or Studio 54.

When it comes to bottling the bouquet of the Big Apple, no one does it better than Glasshouse Fragrances. Boxed in midnight blue, their I’ll Take Manhattan candle is an after dark aroma of bold flowers and fruits like Black Rose, Blood Orange & Red Currant, like an array of cocktails you could get at an East Village bar or curbside speakeasy. Pulsing with Patchouli, golden Amber and spicy Sandalwood, it’s a flavour you can fall in love with in a New York minute!

If one scent option is not enough for you, I’ll Take Manhattan also comes as a triple strength diffuser, a 450mL paraben–free hand wash and a 100mL hydrating Glasshouse hand cream enriched with rich shea butter and silky apricot kernel oil.

I'll Take Manhattan Glasshouse Fragrances candle

The Hamptons - New York

For those wanting a more laid back lifestyle, there’s The Hamptons. An affluent area of Long Island, it’s where city slickers and the rich and famous escape to on weekends and holidays, in magnificent, shingle style mansions with seaside views. The Hampton’s mix of sandy stretches of coastline and acres of farmland make it a popular rural retreat, and it’s only a few hours away from NYC.

For those visiting, there are plenty of high–end restaurants to dine at and boutiques to browse. Spot celebrities in Southampton, explore vintage shops in Sag Harbour, look at the Lighthouse museum in Montauk and the heritage Hook Windmill in East Hampton, tour numerous wineries in North Fork and dine out on seafood & champagne in Shelter Island.

Become a beachside bon vivant with Glasshouse Fragrances’ The Hamptons candles (60g or 380g). Be whisked away with a whiff to the vineyards with the decadent, summer fruit flavours of Green Cognac, Juniper Berry & Lemon Verbena, plus the orange blossom accents of Petitgrain and the sweet smell of White Patchouli. With a touch of Teak & Iris, it’s also perfect for the depths of winter when you’re craving the sun.

Want more? The Hamptoms can also be enjoyed in long–lasting, flameless reed diffuser form and as a luxurious 100mL Glasshouse hand cream.

The Hamptons Glasshouse Fragrances candle

One Night in Rio - Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro may not be the capital of Brazil, but it sure is the country’s capital of colour and culture. A sprawling scene of shanty towns juxtaposed against elite hotels, it’s spread out under green hills and overlooks blue seas and strips of white sand. Rio is an architectural wonder by day and a street party by night, featuring some of the most famous festivals, floats and flamboyant costumes in South America. 

Celebrations aside, Rio has plenty of natural beauty too, from botanic gardens and lagoons, to waterfalls and rainforests, and boasts more beachfront than any other city in the world – think Copacabana. Take a cable car up to Sugarloaf Mountain for breathtaking views, or seek out your religious side at the Christ the Redeemer statue atop Mount Corcovado. 

Unlike the Peter Allen song, however, it takes a bit more than just a smile from your baby to go to Rio. More like 16+ hours on a plane! That’s where Glasshouse Fragrances comes to the rescue. Their One Night in Rio candles (60g or 380g) conjure up the sights, sounds & smells of balmy evenings out and bossa nova beats. A multicultural concoction of ripe and refreshing Raspberry, Passionfruit, Melon & Lime makes you feel like you’re literally walking the aisles of the Ipanema Farmer's Market.

Glasshouse Fragrances’ One Night in Rio scent is also available as a fragrance diffuser for an uninterrupted ambience that’ll keep the vibe alive for longer than one night, and you can get a set of x5 Scent Scene replacement stems for when you need a refill.

One Night in Rio Glasshouse Fragrances candle

Montego Bay Rhythm - Montego Bay

Now it’s time to take a cruise down the Caribbean Sea to Montego Bay, on Jamaica’s north shore. As the country’s fourth largest city and shipping port, it’s booming with all types of travellers almost all year round. With pristine turquoise waters wherever you look, its natural beauty is an obvious drawcard, but its thriving pub and club scene and energetic nightlife brings the crowds in too.

“MoBay” as it’s known, offers every type of outdoor sport you could think of. Rafting is a great way to relax along Martha Brae River, or if you’re after an aerial adventure, try ziplining through the rainforest canopy at Dunn's River Falls. And duck over to Doctor’s Cave Beach for perfect snorkeling and scuba diving conditions in protected coral reefs.

Glasshouse Fragrances’ Montego Bay Rhythm candles (60g or 380g) come in a chartreuse green box as bright as the sunny palm trees that dot the island itself. Scented with the sweet and sour tang of the tropics, its vibrant blend of zesty Lemon, Lime & Mandarin will instantly turn your spaces into an oasis. Add in sugary notes of Amber and a creamy Coconut base, it’s a home fragrance that’s guaranteed to capture Caribbean charm with every burn.

If you’re keen to give yourself or a friend products smelling of paradise, the sumptuous, skin-softening Montego Bay Rhythm duo gift pack is a good choice. It contains a 100mL Glasshouse hand cream and 450mL hand wash.

Don’t forget to explore our full range of Glasshouse hand creams, lotions, candles and more, and give our previous blogs about their Italy & Greece and France & French Polynesia inspired collections a read too.

Montego Bay Rhythm Glasshouse Fragrances candle

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