A+ in Gift-Giving: Gift Ideas for Teachers

A+ in Gift-Giving: Gift Ideas for Teachers

Christmas Gift Wrapped

For centuries, Christmas has remained the most wonderful time of the year. And, why not use it as the perfect time to say thank you to someone who's given you a wonderful school year? 

The spiced scents of Christmas are enough to make anyone travel back in time to their favourite childhood memories. Mulberry, nutmeg, cinnamon and pine do it for us every time. 

As finding the best Christmas gift for a teacher moves to the forefront of everyone's to-do list, we invite you on a mini spree with us. We're about to light a few candles, smooth on a little lotion, and dip into the soothing waters of rest and relaxation this Christmas season. 

Dictionary Candle

Most teachers are wordsmiths. We think this definition for a teacher is perfect: someone who loves to learn and share their knowledge with others. Pretty apropos, right? 

So, how about a relaxing candle with the textbook definition of a teacher neatly labelled on the front? As it sits aglow each night, your favourite teacher will be reminded that he or she truly makes the world a better place.

Scented candle for teacher

Mini Candle Sets

Or, if you'd like to give your teacher a few options (the way they give their students ample opportunities to grow), you might purchase a small candle set for them. 

With the Mini-Madison set they can enjoy three different scented candles to place throughout their home, the tea light set allows them to place candles in different rooms that all have the same scent, the votive sets allow them to burn one candle at a time in the complimentary votive glass.

Bath Soaks

If you suspect your teacher already has his or her candles well stocked, how about some relaxing bath salts? The Christmas break will surely be a time for rest and reprieve. 

With no papers to grade and no lessons to plan, there may be ample time for long soaks in the tub with a fabulous new book. Some beautifully scented bath salts will make it all worthwhile. Myles Gray bath soaks are the ultimate in luxury and with three options to choose from - Rest, Revive and Restore - you are sure to find one that is perfect.

Soaps & Lotions 

Few things are more rewarding than a pair of clean hands and soft, velvety skin. And, when someone finds the right scent, well, it's the cherry on top. (This is one of our favourite teacher Christmas gift ideas.) 

In truth, it's an easy job to find a fabulous gift set that includes hand soap, hand lotion, and maybe even a little reed diffuser to place atop the toilet bowl or sink. Time spent at home is so much sweeter when comforting scents abound. 

woman applying hand cream Ecoya

Christmas Tea Lights

One of the best ways to say thank you is to help your teacher extraordinaire prepare for his or her holiday celebrations. This is a great gift for teachers from students. 

Gifting a set of Christmas tea lights that can be dotted throughout the home in crystal votives may check an item off their shopping list.

A dollop of mulberry spice or vanilla nutmeg will put everyone in the mood for a little mulled wine and a whole lot of cheer, adding to the list of great teacher gifts for Christmas.

The Best Christmas Gift for Teacher #1

And there you have it! In a pinch, you can find the best Christmas gift for a teacher who has taken you under their wings and made you feel special. With a focus on rest and relaxation, you can't go wrong. 

And, when in doubt, a little assistance in their party planning with some Christmas-scented cheer will go a long way. Here at Nerridah and Ross, we love helping people create wonderful atmospheres. 

With the right scented candle, tea light, bath salt, or body lotion, a mood can be lifted and a new atmosphere can be set. Sometimes, all it takes is the strike of a match upon the wick of your new favourite candle. Together, we look forward to making your Christmas shopping a joyous affair. 

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